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Welcome to the Law Offices of Nigina Khasidova, a boutique law firm with a refreshingly unique approach to client representation. Rather than focusing on volume, we have a more selective and personalized approach when it comes to helping clients with their legal needs in Queens New York area.
Simply put, we don’t take every case that walks through our doors. Instead, we maintain a select roster of clients, hand-picked because their needs and goals are in line with our philosophy about legal representation - that advocacy is most effective when the attorney and client are a team, working together to achieve practical solutions.
Our clients enjoy extremely personalized services delivered with the utmost integrity. This client-centric focus allows us to get to know each client and fully understand his or her unique legal needs. We also take the time to educate the people we represent so that they can make more knowledgeable and conscientious decisions regarding their matters, with realistic expectations as to outcomes.
We never apply a “one size fits all” approach to legal representation. We know our clients are as unique as their legal issues, and we strive to provide compassionate, zealous advocacy that always respects the client’s requirements and aspirations.
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Estate Planning is a vital tool in preserving the wealth you have accumulated during your life. It also ensures your final wishes are carried out, allows you to donate to charities, as well as provide for your heirs. Above all, however, it is one of the best ways to show your family and friends how much you love them - it reduces the time, effort and costs necessary to settle your affairs after you pass on.
Probate, unlike estate planning, is the legal process where a will is validated by a court. The process is quite complex, especially for anyone who has little to no experience working with New York's justice system. Our attorneys will work closely with you to see that the process is followed, including paying taxes and distributing property according to the will.
In addition to providing probate and elder law services, the firm's attorneys also assist business and consumer clients in matters involving real estate. This includes representing parties at closing proceedings, assisting with mortgages, performing title searches and resolving landlord-tenant disputes. They also help foreign businesses and individuals buy or sell land in the United States as they are very familiar with the unique requirements involved.
Our attorneys are a well-respected law firm with significant experience helping clients achieve their goals. They believe each client deserves personalized, one-on-one attention from an attorney who is always available to address his or her concerns. Our attorneys take the time to explain every detail of their clients' cases so they may make informed, educated decisions before moving forward with your business plans.
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